feeling better

Daddy has been sick with a head cold for a couple of weeks so it had been a while since we played. He had used me a few times to pleasure him but when you feel like crap sometimes its the last thing on your mind. So when he told me that I needed a little discipline I was very excited. Now when I get excited I have a tendency to giggle, it’s just how I react. Daddy uses that to tease me, saying oh well maybe you don’t want it. I quickly assured him that some discipline with toys session was exactly what I wanted/needed.

“black thing, boobs out, toys on the table, you bent over the bed”

Daddy’s little slut prepared everything as requested and waited. Bent over the bed, blindfold, collar and leash. The see thru piece of black lace barely covering anything, boobs hanging out of the lace that ran down the front. Daddy’s slut waited with anticipation, her wet pussy exposed with the fan turning overhead, feeling the air breeze over her skin. As she heard Daddy come through the door, her pussy tightened with desire. His hand immediately whacked her exposed ass cheeks causing his slut to cry out in surprise. She loved the pain and would do anything for his attention. As he tugged on the leash reminding her who she belonged too. Are you Daddy’s little slut, he asked. She repeated yes Daddy I’m your slut, yes Daddy I will be your whore tonight, yes Daddy I will suck cocks for you, yes Daddy I will east pussy for you. Daddy was grinding up against his sluts ass, pushing himself into her wet folds. She felt his hard cock as he reached around and grabbed two handful of her tit’s, pinching and pulling, driving her towards the edge. Stepping back to grab a toy to deliver another whack somewhere on his sluts body. The body she gives her Daddy freely to use as he wants. He has molded her to crave his touch at all times.

The blows kept coming and so did Daddy’s slut. Daddy knows how to make me cum multiple times until I can only hear myself screaming out, turning me into needy slut wanting more. Daddy made me cum over and over, pain and pleasure so mixed together that I am completely his. Then he stopped and I lay there still blindfolded, waiting for what’s next, hoping that it wasn’t over. He growls at me to get over there and suck his cock. I move towards his voice, positioning my head almost hanging off the bed. Daddy is standing over my open mouth, he thrusts his hard thick cock into my mouth. His balls fell up and down over my nose as I lapped like a whore. Daddy’s cock in my mouth, his hands grabbed a hold of my boobs. My hand slid down to my pussy for Daddy to see how much of a slut I was, I wanted him to be pleased. My tongue was licking Daddy’s balls as my hand was gliding over my clit, it all felt right when he came in my mouth. I was his, I was Daddy’s little slut.

Later I thought about need/want. I had always thought I wouldn’t be able to be in a vanilla relationship because I wouldn’t get the pain and pleasure boundary pushing I craved. While Daddy has been under the weather I was alright, I did without. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. The reason I didn’t miss it was because Daddy never let go of his control over me, he didn’t neglect me, he was always there and I felt it. I know that no matter what else is going on he is always there and I find that very comforting.

submissive’s love

not a virgin

Daddy Joe reminded me that I haven’t written in a very long time. We have been busy with family, work, kinky stuff…just trying to live our best masked life. I have to wear a mask at work per the Dept of Professional Regulations and it’s not that I mind, simply that it’s not the same. I used to be able to smile at people but that is no longer the case and I miss that very simple act. The good news is we have all stayed healthy and I try to focus on the positive side of things. I see things differently than Daddy, I live in a bubble of happiness and he see’s things the way they are, we seem to be a good balance for each other.

One of our tasks we have been working on is to explore together, expanding our sexual relationship. Daddy wanted to see me with another woman and man but mostly a woman. I have always been curious about being with multiple people so this peaked my curiosities. Since I have never strayed outside of a monogamous relationship I had to figure out how to approach this and keep my emotions in check. Since I love Daddy and want to make him happy, my body is simply an extension of this love and another way to please him. In my mind when I am doing something with another person I am doing it for Daddy. I didn’t get to this place overnight, it took time, a lot of questions and discussion but I got there. I needed to feel loved, cared for and appreciated before I was comfortable with not just the act but the search itself. I going to admit there was a period where it seemed more of a priority than us and I felt jealous of that. I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t satisfied with me. As I said I wasn’t ready to jump in and I’m glad it took a while to happen. The time it took us to get there added more foundation in our relationship which enabled me to move forward emotionally.

We had been in quarantine for so long that as we were driving there, I realized this was the longest car trip we had gone on together. I giggled because I felt a sense of joy, like a dog going for a car ride. Our first encounter was with 2 other couples that had engaged us on sdc. It was hosted by one of the couples and started off as just chit chat as we sat in their living room. I had eaten an edible because I don’t drink and I needed to calm my nerves. As excited as I was to explore with Daddy, it was my first time and the uncertainty of what would happen was all I could think about. There was some talk and then someone announced that we should take off our clothes. It was all very matter of fact as the clothes were peeled off. The host, who proclaimed to have taken pussy licking lessons in Paris, immediately asked me to join him in the bedroom. Thinking about what Daddy had wanted me to do, I agreed and went with him. Looking back I would have preferred to have him ask Daddy but these people weren’t familiar with a D’s relationship so they operated differently.

Let me just say I don’t know what he thought he knew about licking pussy but for me it wasn’t that amazing. He just dove right in and I need a little warm up to get my motor running, Daddy knows. But I was polite and told him how great it was, because he asked several times afterwards and even the next day. Eventually the other couples ended up in the bed with us. There was a woman who was very aggressive she was next to me. I learned later that she and Daddy did not hit it off. She went back and forth between me and one of the men. She kept saying what a great kisser I was (she wasn’t). The one thing I realized very quickly was that no one was using a condom and I said no several times, it was uncomfortable. Daddy was near by and extremely aware of everything that was happening. Before things went to far he whisked me out of there very smoothly without upsetting the others.

Our second adventure was with just one couple, they had communicated with us that they wanted the same as us. They said they used protection and wanted a girl on girl experience. A very nice couple but he tried to get away with as much as possible. At first it was just us girls but the guy stood above us wanting to join in. I focused on pleasing Daddy, doing what ever they had wanted me to. Daddy had told me he wanted me to be his bi-sexual slut, act like a whore, this would please him. It all felt very mechanical and at one point I had been thinking about how I could make this a better experience for them. I decided I would be more vocal. It wasn’t that I was getting off, I just wanted them to feel good about their experience. The most important part was that she went down on me (not very well but she tried) and I went down on her. My first time and I did the best I could, after all I had read an article on how to lick pussy to prepare (i love google). My feeling is that I like dick better, its easier to work with. Pussy seems to take more effort and is more difficult to operate (like putting together a cabinet from Ikea), it will take more time to learn. Now if I was restrained (throw in some pain) while she ate me out and I sucked on Daddy, that would get me off, it’s all about being used. I did like the softness of the other woman, stomach, ass, breasts, etc.

I am now officially Daddy’s bi-sexual slut and that makes me happy.

submissive’s love


In a perfect world staying home for over a month would be stress free and relaxing. But I have found this is not the case, at all.

We have been anticipating the re-opening of our state with great angst. There has been so much information being passed around that a day hasn’t gone by where it doesn’t dominate my thoughts. I have been going back and forth wondering if the time was right to go back to work. I miss my work, my clients, my co-workers, going out with a friend, you get the idea. So when the Governor announced that he was going to take steps to re-open the state, I can honestly say that I was excited and nervous at the same time. I want to get back to normal but in our particular area we’ve had more cases than around the rest of the state. Last week I began putting all of my new procedures in place to make it as safe as possible for me and my guests to return. But as prepared as I know I am, I was concerned as to when to pull the trigger. It’s all so unknown. It all came to a head as I watched the announcement on TV, where the decision was made for us all, the entire state remains closed for beauty professionals. A relief and yet unsettling because I know there will be a lot of people who can’t pay their bills or keep their businesses open. It’s a shitty situation.

Daddy Joe has been quite the hero during this time. The short version is that he has been taking care of a sick friends business and 20 dogs. I am so proud of him and all the hard work he has been putting in to keep everything running during this time of crisis.
Now we know that I can be a little needy at times but I have been trying to be understanding since he has been tired. But I can only hold myself together for so long and then my marbles spill out. It spilled out of my mouth directly at Daddy Joe, I told him to shush during the press conference.
Sit with that a moment, I told my Daddy to shush.

Daddy sat there very calmly, leaving me there waiting. Honestly I didn’t think he was going to do anything which would have been so much worse. Makes me wonder on some level if I did it to get attention. I didn’t have to wait to long for Daddy to ask for his crop.

As he sat on the couch with the crop in his hand, gesturing towards me to remove my dress revealing my that I had on a bra and panties. I was then told to get completely naked and take a position over his knees. Daddy began whacking my bare ass, going harder each time until it made the sound that he liked. He loves the crack it makes as well as the red it leaves on me. It wasn’t just a spanking it was discipline that came with me apologizing and crying. It hurt, leaving my ass burning even now. After he was done, he pushed my head down onto his cock. He grabbed my tit and handful of hair. Tears were spilling from my eyes as I gagged on Daddy until he came in my mouth.

When he was done I was still a little off balance and couldn’t stop crying. I walked away to use the bathroom and when I returned Daddy told me come here. For a moment I thought about continuing to the kitchen but the tone of his voice told me that would be a huge mistake. I felt myself turn around and walk back to the couch. Tears kept coming as he gathered me into his arms.

I told my friend last week, that I wouldn’t have been able to deal with all of this stuff without Daddy Joe. When I met him for coffee I didn’t plan on falling in love, it just happened and now I don’t know what I would do without him.

submissive’s love


Daddy Joe tells me to put on the blindfold then get on the bed on my stomach. He lifts the flimsy material of my almost non-existent lingerie that covers my ass and begins using his crop, which he absolutely loves. He likes to have his crop readily available when he arrives so he can grab it as he walks in the house. No part of my body is spared the crack of the crop as pleasure drips off of him with each wack. As he grabs fist full of my hair in one hand, I can feel the leather tip stinging as he hits each cheek, back and forth. When he hits the same spot over and over, it really, really hurts. But then he changes where he aims and it become more rhythmic which lets me take more pain, almost relaxing in a way and then it changes again, because he can. After he’s finished enjoying my ass turning red, he tells me to flip over. Now this is where I lose track of things because I laid out the implements but when we were finished and I saw what he had used, I realized I had no idea what had happened. I do know that there were many orgasms given so that’s more important. As I lay there basking in those waves of pleasure I could hear Daddy Joe. He had moved around the end of the bed to where my head lay, I could hear the zipper of his pants.

I felt his hard thick cock slap my face a few times and for a moment I had it in my mouth but then he took it away. Daddy pushed his balls in my mouth, I lapped and sucked him until he shoved his cock back in my mouth again. He tasted so good, I can honestly say I love sucking Daddy’s cock. I never thought I really enjoyed it or was very good. Daddy Joe says I do it very well and I love when he cums in my mouth. I have sucked his cock more than any other in my life, he says I keep his prostrate healthy.

This CV thing has been both a blessing and pain. A pain because I can’t see my most of family, friends and clients. A blessing because Daddy Joe and I have been able to be together everyday. He told me that I’ve become very spoiled and I agreed, but this princess likes being spoiled. Daddy says he doesn’t come just for the food and sex, even though they are great, he comes because he wants to see me. That made my heart feel more happiness than I can share.

I do think I hit my tipping point of missing contact with the other humans that I am used to seeing everyday. Daddy Joe called me and the conversation went like this:

Daddy Joe: I just saw a guy selling porn on the side of the road.
me: really where?
DJ: what does it matter?
me: well it’s not every day that you see a man selling porn on the side of the road.
DJ: it looks fresh, want some?
me: what?!
DJ: do you want some corn or not?

Stay healthy and safe.
submissive’s love

molding me

I like pain.
I like Daddy Joe.
I like Daddy Joe’s pain.

I have a love hate relationship with pain. I both want and need it but don’t like it, very complicated. I want it because it brings pleasure to Daddy Joe and I need it to help me keep my balance in life. When I don’t get it my brain takes over, anxiety ensues and my world is turned upside down and it feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Before I met Daddy Joe my anxiety came on a regular basis but since his arrival things have been great. Especially with whats going on in the world, in our state and town, he has created this bubble around me where I feel happy and positive.

Daddy Joe has been “molding me”, a nice way of saying training me to his ways, his pleasures and his rules. In return he has taken great care to get to know me and my pleasure triggers so that he can access them when he wants to…because he can. He has discovered my dirty little secret, his pain is my pleasure. He has figured out when I’m restrained my pain threshold can be pierced increasing his pleasure.

I don’t take my pain quietly and I don’t stay still, even though I want it. I want to feel his hand or his favorite pain stick (not mine) across my ass, pulling my hair all while holding me down. Because some of my other secrets are that I like to be restrained and feel pressure. Daddy Joe has tapped into these pleasures allowing me to fall deeper towards that floaty subspace. That’s where the love/hate part come into play. I hate the pain, that stinging whack on my ass but I love the feeling I get from the continuous, alternating force of each strike he gives me. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

I greeted Daddy Joe in a black panties and a cut out bra making his tit’s available to use as he wanted. We sat together at the dinner table discussing events of the day and enjoying some of my social distancing home cooking. As I looked over at Daddy my mind drifted to something he had mentioned the other day, about how far I’d come. He was referring to how comfortable, almost natural I was able to sit in front of him, barely clothed or naked and I smiled feeling proud that he had noticed.

Daddy Joe had me take out his favorite pain stick and it’s junior partner, take off my panties and lay face down on the bed. The whacks came down on my ass, those stingy, hot, burning ones. When he stopped and shifted position I realized he had me pinned down and against his body somehow. The whacking continued but it felt different. I could feel myself letting go and taking more of Daddy’s pain. As I am writing this I can still feel that sting that went across my ass over and over.

When he released me with my ass on fire, I turned to see him unzipping and releasing his cock for me. There was no need for any foreplay he was engorged and as I took him into my mouth, his hands grabbed my hair pulling me back and forth. He’s also discovered that when he pulls my hair it’s another trigger. I immediately submit and my body relaxes as he uses me to make himself cum. He felt larger than usual, making me gag and my eyes water as he came in my mouth. Telling me to hold it in until he tells me to swallow. He says I have officially become a cum slut. Daddy then gave me some orgasms because he was feeling generous and because he can.
Thank you Daddy.

submissive’s love

PS: Daddy’s riding crop arrives this week and he’s very excited.


I love all the kink of being in a D/s relationship, giving up control and trusting them to beat my ass and more but not break me. I also love being soft, sensual and sexy, being caressed, kissed and held. Plus I need someone who I can trust to share my inner self with, the parts no one else gets to see and still love me. Last year when I lost my partner, I questioned whether I would be able to love someone again. I honestly wondered how it would work, would I compare, would someone be able to love me, would I be able to let them in my heart. So would I have to choose again between having a D/s relationship or having someone to love me? The plain truth is, I’ve never had a relationship that had it all, both sides at the same time. 

Last night Daddy Joe allowed me to use my esthetic talents (that have been unused due to my social distancing) to give him an intimate shave. I was very careful not to cause any discomfort because I care, take pride in my work and he told me if it hurt him then so would my ass afterwards. Everything went smoothly, no pun intended, no nicks or cuts. Then Daddy and I enjoyed some very intimate time making each other cum. 

As I lay in Daddy Joe’s arms, I realized that I had found that person. I fit into him, I could feel it. It was that relationship that had both sides with all the stuff in between.
Like a double stuffed oreos, ok now I want oreos but they are probably sold out like the toilet paper.

submissive’s love

Yin and Yang, complimentary forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts, a balance between two opposites with a portion of the opposite element in each section. A dark side and a bright side, both sides are dependent on each other. It can also mean balance, striking a balance between the dark and the bright, with a circle of each inside the other. 


Like the rest of the country I am social distancing myself from others and not working at my shop. It’s like being on some weird vacation where I stay home and don’t see anyone else. Of course I have plenty off things I need to do while I’m home this week like taxes, creating my new menu and other work stuff, etc. but there is always tomorrow. But I have been working on different tasks for Daddy Joe. While I write this I’m standing in the kitchen, in my slut outfit waiting for him to come home so I may be of service to him. This distancing stuff has turned me into a slutty Martha Stewart. I’m cooking so much that I’m going to run out of dishwasher detergent and apparently its one of the items people are hoarding. Oh my god I may have to hand wash, the horror. Dinner has been prepared so he can have eat after his dessert (me). Let me just say, his slut’s pussy is wet and throbbing with anticipation. Also note that I hate garter belt straps (what a f—ing pain in the ass) and they keep popping off.

Daddy fills my thoughts all through out the day from the time I wake up till my eyes close at night. He is very attentive and makes time for me everyday. He makes me feel wanted, loved, cared for and secure more each day. I live for his approval and he has turned me into a very needy slutty submissive. He is the first Dom/Man that I have ever trusted and relied upon so much. Every time I try to do things on my own I get in to trouble so my learning curve has been a little bumpy. I am trying to flatten the curve (a little C.V. humor). He is patient but doesn’t let me get away with anything. AT ALL. He says I’ve met my match when he came into my life.

Daddy is correct. I remember our second date when I asked him if we could take it slow (insert deep belly laugh now). His words to me were, he will set the pace on this relationship and he has ever since. Sometimes I try to unintentionally buck him but I don’t get very far and after the first (sometimes second or third) time I get it and fall into line. I know he loves me and only wants what’s best for me and I feel the same for him. He has changed my thinking already and has definitely been a positive influence for me. I am happier overall than I have been in a long time.

Back to my wet throbbing pussy…..don’t worry Daddy Joe took care of that issue, many, many, many times plus I got kisses and cuddles. What more could a princess ask for.

submissive’s love


Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. 

Everyone handles stress differently. I am used to being the one whose shoulders it all lands on. I am the one who takes care of everything and I very rarely ask for help because for most of my life I’ve only been able to rely on me. Now I’m not saying I handle it perfectly, sometimes I don’t even realize I’m under stress until it’s right in my face and I’m drowning.

This whole virus situation has been looming over for weeks now. Trying to deal my family, friends and clients has been taking a toll on me but I didn’t realize it until yesterday. I came home in the afternoon and I had that feeling of being overwhelmed, I felt weepy. But in my usual fashion I just pushed it down and forgot about it. When Daddy Joe got home I was quiet and stand-off-ish, not even realizing what I was doing. Things spiraled and not in my favor.

I know that Daddy Joe was not happy and neither was I. I learned later that he, as a true Dominant took control of himself so he didn’t take his displeasure out on me in a bad way. But I had messed up and he needed to let me know. He not only showed me but he also took care of me.

Toys had already been laid out as Daddy Joe had requested earlier in the day but we wouldn’t be doing anything that would be pleasurable for me. At this point I would have done anything to get back in his good graces and he knew that but didn’t abuse his power. I was told to strip down and lay face down on the bed. Cold lube was poured down my ass as Daddy Joe used his pain stick on me. My ass was used until Daddy came. I couldn’t move or enjoy anything that was happening, getting his point across. When he was finished he told me to clean up, get something on if I wanted cuddle with him on the couch.

As I lay on Daddy Joe’s chest with his arm around me, tears began to roll out of my eyes quietly. I felt loved and cared for at a time when he could have just walked away. I’m still feeling anxious and weepy today but I know Daddy has broad shoulders for me to lean on. I am grateful to have Daddy Joe as a part of my life, I cherish his strength, discipline and love.

submissive’s love

a reminder of Daddy’s control over me

just one

I can have many orgasms (with Daddy Joe”s permission) in one session. I love the build up before we even get to the bedroom. The dirty talk, kissing, pressing bodies together, a spanking, reminding me I belong to him, breast play, hair pulling, pain, etc. This is what turns me on so I can achieve multiple orgasms. I haven’t always been able to have many orgasms in a row but with Daddy Joe he knows exactly how to push my buttons.

Daddy Joe can keep me horny all day and night making me want him all the time. He has me ready to go at the mere mention of possible playtime. He says whenever he just goes near my legs I open them automatically for him. He laughs and tells me what a slut I am. When we are together I am either naked or wearing something that allows him easy access, either way always reminding me of my place.

You’ve got the idea, I’m a walking puddle just waiting to be used by Daddy Joe. So when he tells me I can have 1 orgasm while he’s busy I get very excited. The first few times I was so horny the orgasm came within seconds, not the fulfilling expectations I had in mind, but still grateful for the 1. It took longer to get out the wand, lube, get undressed, turn on some music, get into bed than it did for the orgasm.

This time I tried to figure out how I could take the 1 graciously Daddy gave me and make it last longer. I wanted to be able to roll over and go to sleep afterwards so I waited until it was time to go to bed. Wand, lube, undress, lights out, didn’t even put on any music so I could focus. I have a pillow under my knees when I sleep so I propped the wand against it and turned it on very low. It barely hit my clit, I focused on my breathing and not on my pussy. Sort of like being in labor and breathing through the contractions, but in my case breathing through so my orgasm didn’t come as quickly. I played with my breasts, my hand smacking them on top of the nipple hard. I did pretty well but as the orgasm came over me I knew I wanted so much more and if I didn’t stop I would get in trouble because I could never lie to Daddy when he asked if I stopped at 1. Thank you Daddy.

The quest continues…

submissive’s love


Obedience is a choice I make because I respect and love Daddy Joe. His mandate has always been just be obedient and everything will be alright. He also said to always remember no matter what we do together, he loves me and wants to be with me. I have some insecurity issues so I appreciate when Daddy tells me I did good job, was a good girl and touches and kisses me. I always laughed it off as being a needy bitch but clearly I have issues that aren’t going away any time soon.
Physical touch and words of affirmation are the love languages I need and I show my love with acts of service and physical touch. Daddy’s shows his love language with quality time and gift giving (ex: just because flowers) and I think his needed love is physical touch and acts of service.
I just realized as I am writing this, we have the same needed love language, interesting.

Daddy Joe gave me a task of obedience, he told me to find a woman for me to play with while he watched. I struggled, not because I didn’t want to do it but simply I had never looked or come across a woman who wanted to be with another woman. I tried to follow his wishes but it was extremely difficult for me. Then Daddy stepped in, began to guide me and it helped because I wasn’t able to do it by myself and felt like a failure every single day. I don’t like disappointing Daddy, I don’t like it when he’s upset with me, so it weighed very heavy on my heart.

We eventually connected with a woman under Missed Connections on CL, Daddy told me that was where these types of ads were posted now that there were no more personal sections. She ended up being a no show and possibly not even a woman but we will never know. I personally think we dodged the crazy train. We arranged to meet at an adult movie store that has been around forever in the seedier side of town. When we walked into the store I have to say I was surprised, the inside was clean and well lit, fully stocked with toys and such. Daddy Joe got us tickets to the theater, which consisted of 20 or so seats that reminded me of a bench you would sit on next to a carousel at the fair, low to the ground and uncomfortable. By the time we left I had tweaked my right side trying to navigate myself.

Daddy put me in the chair against the wall and sat beside me. On the screen was a woman fucking the dick of a man you never see, just her screaming over and over – oh yes oh yes oh oh oh and repeat. Daddy took out my tits and began playing with them, I had worn a dress with easy access, no bra or panties. The next thing I was aware of was a man lurking near by. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or really pay close attention to anyone else but Daddy and what he wanted. Daddy’s cock in my mouth was so delicious, his hand gripping my hair and pushing my head up and down. Pulling up my dress so he could smack my ass, he was so hard when he came in my mouth. When we were done I was surprised to see other men had popped up out of no where. Almost like a light had been switched on that said someone was in the theater. The men had been in there watching us, jerking off and they were so close to us. I felt their eyes on me as we were leaving but I didn’t look directly at them. I wasn’t there for them, I was Daddy Joe’s whore, he was the one I wanted to please and he was the one who protected me. His presence allowed me to focus on him and jerk then suck him, not worrying if anything would happen to me.

Daddy Joe’s candy ass whore got her adult theater cherry popped.

submissive’s love